Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where have all the books gone?

Updated June 12, 2013

Regular readers (I kid—I have none) will notice that some 76 book posts have disappeared.  I have moved them to my book site which will still be known as On The Nightstand.  That is where I will keep the running list of what I have read, plus I'll be adding reviews and links to purchase.

So instead of cluttering up this site, I'm just listing what I am currently reading—and that can be found in the sidebar to the right--->

Update: I have dropped the book list effort due to a staggeringly stupendous lack of interest. Instead, I will post more frequently on not only this blog, but especially on Serviside (for transportation topics—but mostly antique autos and trucks). I do this to keep Jesse over at Just a Car Guy blog happy. And off my back.


Blogger Jesse Bowers said...

Is that darn Jesse off you back yet?

8:53 AM  

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